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Transcripts of Donald Trump’s phone calls reveal he’s a dictator in the making

WASHINGTON —  Troubling news again in Washington this morning. Thanks to The Washington Post,  Donald Trump ‘s phone calls have leaked online.  In the leaked transcripts, perhaps,  several interesting pieces of information about Trump ‘s negotiating style have made way to the public.

First up,  Trump apparently told Mexico’s president that he “needs to stop saying he won’t pay for the wall.  This isn’t about anything other than politics, it’s making me look bad”  the Post reports Trump as having said.  That particular piece of the transcript has caught much flack, considering, Donald Trump has lied to the American public numerous times about who will pay for the wall. (In reality, taxpayers are actually going to pay for the wall if it ever happens).

Interestingly (see the full transcripts here) Donald Trump appears to have an “aggressive do as I say” type negotiating style. This particular type of negotiating style has never been used by the leader of free world before.    The Post further discovered another phone call to Australian leader Turnbull  who confronted Trump over America’s agreement to accept upwards of 1,250 refugees from Australia. The issue? According to the transcript, Trump, is prepared to disregard this agreement entirely.

In response to Turnbull ‘s inquiry about the refugees,  Trump had this to say. “This is going to kill me … I will be seen as a weak and ineffective leader in my first week.” he told Turnbull during the call per the transcripts.

Meanwhile, The White House declined  to comment on the transcripts.  Press Secretary  Sarah Huckabee-Sanders denies any wrongdoing.

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