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Report: GOP operative who sought Clinton e-mails died shortly after disclosure

But only by apparent suicide. In a death document obtained by the Chicago Tribune,  the operative, identified as  Peter W. Smith died exactly 10 days after he disclosed such e-mails to the Wall Street Journal.  On May 14th, Smith, was found dead after apparently hanging himself along with a bag over his head, and, a source of helium attached.  IT was never ruled anything beyond a suicide.

Initially, that week, it was set up that Smith would be interviewed by the Wall Street Journal in connection to the slew of Clinton e-mails that would soon come and were previously published.  The e-mails that  Smith claimed he was partially apparently responsible for would at some point engulf the chances of Hillary Clinton becoming President. At the time,   Trump ‘s campaign directly denied any connection to Smith or his associates.

Via The Chicago Tribune 

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