Ted Bundy, is perhaps, one of the most notorious serial killers ever to walk the face of the earth.  The Daily News is proud to present our newest series: Inside the Mind(s) of The Most Notorious Serial Killers.   In this series, we will examine 5 facts about some of the most terrifying killers in human history.


1.)  A famous confession

This particular confession by Ted Bundy is so terrifying, we won’t even bother writing a description. We managed to dig up audio tapes of the  confession for your viewing.

2.)  Like his counterparts….

Mr. Bundy was into the necrophiliac part of being a killer.  Alike some of his fellow notorious criminals, Bundy,  for reasons that were never declared liked to torture his victims even after they were dead.  Of his most famous, perhaps, the confession below.

“When they’re dead and you continue to torture them.  When they’re dead,  you look into their lifeless eyes and you see nothing.  That is a person that is God”  –  Ted Bundy, an FBI interview after his third arrest.

3.  Bundy had this weird sense of everything having an unusually terrifying backstory.

“When you work hard to do something right, you don’t want to forget it.”

Agent Hagmaier once-upon-a-time got that quote out of Bundy when the FBI and its special agents got Bundy in for questioning the very first time after he was initially suspected of several murders.   After being charged, they, uh, got inquisitive and decided to ask why he kept knick-knacks; toys, and polaroid photos of his dismembered victims.

4. Researcher say…

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Bundy is largely one of the most terrifying people ever to walk earth.  “His self-assessments were sheer enough to give you the chills?. Someone so nonchalant; careless, and ultimately without fear. How could someone like that even exist”.    While being investigated in Florida once, Bundy, reportedly told FBI agents the same exact thing: “I’m one of the most terrifying son of a bitches you’ll ever meet”.

That claim stands.


Ted Bundy gave his last interview on January 23rd 1989 .  Bundy was later executed after police believed that he was responsible for more than 50 murders and in recent memory that number changed to more than 90.   Our new series gets published every Friday! Share with us in the comment section below other notorious killers you’d like to learn about.



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