It was a dream vacation for most, even, for someone who apparently had it all.    Bakari Henderson,  ventured into a Greek island considered to be popular by Serbians and their locals.   We mention that because police tell The Daily News that of the group that reportedly beat Henderson to death nearly all of them (we counted half) were actually Serbian.

Surveillance video reportedly picked up by police (also discussed in the Washington Post)  shows a group of foreign nationals (numerous Serbian; a British, and a few others) approaching what appears to be Henderson in the bar.  This is where it gets murky.

Police first told The Post that the death and murder was sparked by a selfie request at the bar.  Apparently the group of Serbian men didn’t quite take to well to Henderson asking the young waitress for a photograph. They proceeded to approach Henderson at the bar, who, later attempted to flee.

Meanwhile, video given to The Daily  News by authorities confirmed the account which showed  Henderson being chased down in the parking lot, and, within 30 seconds, beaten to death.  All 7 men have been charged with intentional homicide.

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