Justice Department will seek information on Trump Jr’s e-mails

Like father like son, son who sticks foot in said son’s mouth.  Following the release of e-mails showing that Trump Jr indeed contacted and met with a Russian lawyer (who appears to have promised information on Hillary Clinton)   the Justice Department is stepping in.

According to sources, the DOJ ‘s special counsel Robert Mueller will reportedly intervene in the investigation to determine what kind of information  appears to have been exchanged from that Russian lawyer.  Officials when contacted by The Daily News wouldn’t exactly confirm what information what they’re after.

Meanwhile,  sources close to the Kremlin say that Vladamir Putin is “worried that the truth may come out” now that Donald Trump Jr has shared e-mails about the one Russian lawyer that was apparently supposed to be kept secret.    The meeting discussed in the original e-mails is of high interest to the DOJ, some of which,  has “good reason to believe that information was exchanged” per sources.

Also meanwhile, Vladamir Putin has come out swinging against accusations that he personally knows Natalia (the lawyer involved).   Aides to the Kremlin  who preferred to remain anonymous tell The Daily News that the “Russian president has no affiliation with this lawyer and strictly denies any allegations indicating otherwise”.

Back in the U.S, however,  many Americans and politicians believe otherwise.  Senators across the spectrum  are now demanding that Trump ‘s e-mails be further combed over.  Some, including top Democrats who were involved in the election campaign of Hillary Clinton are now calling foul  amid claims that Trump Jr. committed treason with ironically an e-mail server.

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