FBI closing in on Bernie Sanders’ wife Jane Sanders

And we’re following it by development.  For those that haven’t caught up yet,  Bernie Sanders’ wife is currently engulfed in an FBI bank fraud investigation. That investigation stems from alleged phony loan applications from a bank, that, never amounted to anything more than an attempt to allegedly line pockets .

According to FBI documents obtained by The Daily News, the probe goes  back to  Jane Sanders time as the head of a particular college.  Documents obtained show that the probe reportedly started with a phony land deal brokered by Sanders, who,  prosecutors say defrauded banks and the like on loan applications for the land itself.  The problem?  She allegedly did such using the school’s name and financial assets, and, eventually bankrupted the school last year.

The deal goes back to when Sanders was president of Vermont’s Burlington  College, a place, that uh, could be described as a sinking ship under her leadership.    What’s interesting about the FBI investigation is that although it doesn’t focus primarily on Bernie in a criminal manner, it, is actually investigating claims (reportedly deemed credible)  that Bernie Sanders’ used his political office to aid Jane in getting the faulty loan approved for the bogus land that never became an expansive part of the college.

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