Bizarre new meal replacement drink headed for California stores

At  least, 7-11 anyway.  According to the makers of Soylent (for those that don’t know, no, that is not something to do with humans), the meal alternative drink is headed for 18 7-11 stores for the first time ever.  The company announced on Monday that the rather (“ehum, stale tasting”)  drink will be available in 18 California based 7-11 stores beginning this month.

The drink, per reviews, apparently tastes like “you’re licking stamps” and (“hilariously, like you’re eating stale cheerios”).  To no surprise,  it’s marketed towards kids and young people who the company says are “the most deprived” when it comes to time to actually sit and eat.

Meanwhile, we’ve tasted this stuff, and it tastes like someone mixed super glue with spoiled milk.  One could confused Soylent with a rubber like laxative.

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