Is America finally headed for a Single Payer healthcare system?

According to reports, it, seems that way after a renewed push by Democrats to change the landscape of healthcare in the U.S.  While the Republicans continue to struggle to get their 50 or so votes to maintain their controversial bill, Democrats, are floating and renewing the idea of a single-payer healthcare system.

The Republicans have been trying to secretly pass a pretty shitty bill that still doesn’t quite make sense to the masses, not even, to the most political of the bunch here at the Daily News. The bill, uh, has been losing  support in their own party for some time — even among the most reclusive and conservative.  Mitch McConnell, perhaps,  spent much of the recess trying to maintain what’s left of the Republican support, considering,    more have continued to pull out.

Interestingly, with the withdraw of so much Republican support, Democrats have now jumped on a once popular train currently gaining traction. Senator Bernie Sanders apparently took the lead Monday on the charge that the only appropriate way to tackle the healthcare crisis in America, is, to grant a single payer system like Canada.  In Canada, the entire healthcare system is a single payer system,  funded and paid for by the government. Hospitals and doctors are largely and significantly are funded and paid by the government rather than the other way around.

Would it last in America? Nobody’s quite sure.   America is one of the only modern countries that has a healthcare system so desperately out of whack with modern society, that, it charges more for healthcare than any other country on earth.  Sanders, belives that a single payer healthcare system “is the answer to the belief that not everybody deserves healthcare. Basic access should be granted to all”  he reportedly told crowds during his discussion about the idea Monday.

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The Daily News has learned that there is a bill floating through the appropriate channels gaining wide support to attempt to make such happen. Although, with the Republicans largely in control right now in the United States, it seems unlikely to have such a liberal-friendly idea take over.

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