Trump wants to build cybersecurity unit with Russia

Perhaps indicating that the Trump Administration is trying to master the art of historically ironic.  According to Donald Trump,   he and Russian Pres Vladamir Putin apparently had “great talks”. So much so, that the two hostile nations have now apparently announced that they will create a cybersecurity unit to “help combat election fraud; election hacking and any interference in a country’s democracy”.

Yes, this is real folks: America is officially and formally in bed with Moscow.   The news comes after Trump and daughter Ivanka appeared at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, where, she uh, almost illegally sat in for Trump at a particular meeting that has the internet talking.  The photo, taken by a Russian lawyer,  sees Ivanka, literally, next to some of the most powerful women on earth.

Putin and Trump claim that “many negative things will be prevented from the cybersecurity unit” although we’re pretty sure not many are buying it.   Meanwhile,  others are uh, still  pressuring the United States to invoke the 25th amendment and remove Trump from office.

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