Rob Kardashian + Blac Chyna get into nasty social media feud

Reality child and annoying fat boy Rob Kardashian is back in the headlines once again.   Early Wednesday afternoon, he and baby mom Blac Chyna, apparently decided to once again allegedly call it quits (let’s not forget their last publicity stunt).

Apparently the fight started after months of build-up, and by build-up, we mean sex; drugs, more sex, and apparently threesomes with T.I and Tiny.   It all started when Kardashian took to Twitter claiming that Blac Chyna was back to her usual stunts and ready to leave him again. That he “thought they were the perfect family until she suddenly changed again’.

It escalated after the likes of people like T.I stepped in demanding that Kardashian stop putting Blac Chyna’s business out there for the world to see. This, er, marked the disclosure of an alleged threesome between T.I; Tiny, and Blac Chyna.  The news sent black Twitter into a field day.

I’ve marked this post as age restricted, because,  well yeah what you’re about to see isn’t suitable for all ages.

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