Jocelyn Wildenstein ‘s on-again off-again lover spotted with another “woman”

MIAMI — Looks like Catwoman ‘s  lover has some explaining to do. Wildenstein, er, best known for being a habitual heiress and extensive plastic surgery apparently won’t be happy about this. According to The Daily Mail,  pictures of Wildenstein’s lover have apparently surfaced with a transgender woman on a beach in Miami.

Wildenstein, 71, famously dated fashion designer Lloyd Klein for more than 14 years. And then in December of last year, the two suddenly split (although were back together and kissing by February; March, and most recently).    Although,  during their break-up, Klein, apparently found comfort in a transgender activist by the name of Lauren Foster.

Foster, is a well known transgender activist who has been seen multiple times with Klein since December.   Reps for Wildenstein declined to comment on the photos.

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