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Yes, SHK, has sought help for his mental health

Nobody ‘s perfect, and, neither is SHK.  SHK, 22, has sought outpatient help  in maintaining his mental health since at least March. Sultan, himself, decided to seek therapy to maintain his health because he “felt it was time”  for a check-up.

HK ‘s mental health as of late, has, been one of our main concerns.  Amid vicious attacks on his mental state;  character,  and the like — we felt it was important to encourage his treatment.   People have long falsely accused of SHK of playing “victim” in terms of  Julie Schmidt for example, who, is partially the reason he’s sought assistance.

SHK is now learning the value of enjoying his life and the rewards he gets for his labor.   As someone who works a tremendous lot, he, has never understood what it’s like to sit back and relax — because — others have constantly always tried to dictate that for him. Now, with the help of mental health therapists, he’s learning the importance of taking a moment for himself.

As of late, SHK, remains in outpatient therapy services exclusively following the murder of his former girlfriend Ava Barrin.  He took her deat pretty hard, and, continues to struggle with the loss.

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