Source: Rasheeda is using family drama to drum up paychecks

To the tune of millions.   We can’t knock her for making it happen.   Days after Sandra Rose reported that  Rasheeda knew of Jasmine Washington ‘s affairs with her husband Kirk, new information on the unusual set-up is out.

Sources close to the family (who have previously provided accurate information including on their son Ky)  say that Rasheeda “for years has done just that, what Sandra Rose reported”.   Sources claim that Rasheeda has “always knew of many of the problems between her family and has used them to her advantage”.

For example,  the same source claims that next season on Love & Hip Hop, the world will get its first taste of Ky Frost discussing the rumors about his alleged homosexuality.   One source indicates that Rasheeda has already picked up a hefty paycheck to have this particular item of their dirty laundry aired on national television.

Like the report in Sandra Rose,  which also reported that Rasheeda had picked up a million-dollar payday for airing out the dirty secrets about Jasmine Washington on television — both instances apparently are nothing new for the Frost clan.

Interestingly,  the same source notes that there for some time has been a rift between Ky Frost and his mom over the alleged payday to air his dirty laundry on national television.  In June, videos surfaced of Ky allegedly performing sexual acts for another man; on top of audio recordings of a woman we have also confirmed to have valid text messages from Ky to her son. Another boy in which he has secretly been having an affair with for some time.

The claims made by sources coincide with recent events surrounding Rasheeda and her son.  Previously, our sister site Pop  was also among the first to air the video footage and the news of Frost’s rumored homosexuality.  Days after the initial reports,  Kirk Frost himself, contacted the website demanding that it be removed until discussions could be made  between the family and the website.

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Amusingly,  Kirk Frost, has never himself actually contacted this website despite the many accurate reporting articles we have made on Kirk; Rasheeda, and Ky.

“The video that was shared in this newspaper, they’re hoping to mention it on the show, and discuss how it changed their lives to have that aired for the world to see. They’re going to use this newspaper for their financial advantage”.  continues the source.

We’d like to make it public knowledge that we have no agreement with Kirk or Rasheeda Frost  to capitalize on their family drama or their dirty laundry.  Nor do we have any intention of appearing on or allowing our website to be discussed on VH1.

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