This Means War: Perpetually clueless Sarah Huckabee Sanders defends Trump again

One might wonder if being perpetually clueless is definitely a thing, or, simply a thing in the White House itself.   Huckabee-Sanders was on the evening talk-show circuit Thursday and Friday to discuss  President Trump ‘s attack on two particular MSNBC hosts.  Those hosts,  Mika Brzezinski and hubby Joe,  became the victims of Trump ‘s wrath after he unleashed the beast on Twitter.

So how’d it start? The apparent feud started after Trump claimed that Mika and her husband were “Low I.Q fake news reporters” of the “Fake News Media”.  You know, Trump ‘s general mantra against anything that doesn’t have this Pro-Trump stench to it.

So, here’s what we know (we’ll get into Huckabee in a minute).   Trump apparently launched one of his usual  attacks on the twosome after they started to dig into his Presidency on their Morning Joe -esque (no pun intended)  MSNBC show.   The two described everything from Russia; to Trump ‘s childlike actions, and his often abusive behavior towards others.  (Plot twist:  Donald Trump is perhaps the most verbally abusive of them all, but, where’s Melania in her quest to combat bullying?).

The dissection caused tension in the White House as Donald Trump, historically,  has been one to not take to well to anybody who appears to disagree with him or may have information on him that could potentially be deemed credible: enter the two morning hosts.

This is where Huckabee-Sanders comes in.    Huckabee-Sanders in typical  Sanders fashion took to D.C shows and talk pundit lines to discuss the feud. In it, she declined to cite Trump as wrong for “defending himself”.

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“America knows what they were getting into when they elected Donald Trump, they elected a fighter” one outlet quotes her as saying during her talk-show blitz.   The issue with Sanders, is, that although she’s new — she’s already confirming our worst fear: just another Trump mouth piece whether he’s right or he’s wrong.

Many feel that the fight between  the two hosts and the President is “beneath the presidency as a whole” although Huckabee-Sanders tends to disagree. Business Insider notes that she reportedly told numerous outlets…

“I don’t think you can expect someone to be personally attacked day after day, minute by minute, and sit back,” Sanders said, arguing that the criticism the president and his aides endure is often personal in nature. “When the president gets hit, he’s going to hit back harder.”

Interestingly,  Huckabee deflected on a number of questions related to the actual controversy but instead focused on information that has often been deemed invalid or flat out exaggeration.

“The media’s focus on priorities — they don’t line up with the rest of America,” Sanders said. “Our economy’s growing, the stock market’s up, unemployment is down, jobs are back, and ISIS is on the run. … But you guys constantly ignore that narrative.”

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