For the first time in nearly a decade, we’ve changed our entire look and not just the theme.   We’ve decided that after nearly a decade of the relatively same look, we’re out for something new. The change comes on the heels of Sultan Khan announcing that The Daily News will now include transgender; and gay friendly news and columns from trans advocates.

The change comes in part within the death of Ava Barrin. A young lady who has now been seen around the world in various publications and newspapers thanks to Sultan ‘s obituary.  This is just the beginning of becoming a driving mechanism in the discussion about trans-acceptance and love.

Our new unit, which launches Monday, can be contacted at:  This unit is open 24 hours  a day, and can also be reached by iMessage using Sultan ‘s official e-mail address:   This unit will be available to talk to those experiencing issues; helping others come out, and discussing options.  At some point, we will also provide financial and nutritional assistance to LGBT youth.

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