Racial profiling is a real thing, even for police officers

One Minnesota based police officer learned that in an interesting fashion, perhaps, after he was off duty at home minding his own business at the wrong time.  According to reports, an unnamed black police officer was shot this week by an on-duty (he was not on duty when he was shot) white police officer.

That officer, uh,  claimed that the off-duty officer upon exiting his home “caused reasonable fear for my safety” although numerous witnesses and others reportedly told police that the 11-year-veteran of the police department posed no real threat to anyone.

So what happened? Police reports say that the off duty cop was assisting other officers after emerging from his home to discover his front yard had become central spot to car thieves.    When a fourth officer arrived on scene,  he “felt concerned” and decided to open fire on the officer because he looked “suspicious enough to cause worry”.

Meanwhile, the department claims to be investigating.

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