Because according to a new SCOTUS ruling,   sex offenders now have the legal right to apparently use social media.   A ruling in North Carolina is making headlines today after a SCOTUS  ruling declared that “it infringes upon the first amendment rights of convicted sex offenders to bar them from social media”.

Several Supreme Court justices decided that the ruling in North Carolina violated a “fundamental” right that even convicted sex offenders must be granted.   The state initially argued that the same laws that prevent sex offenders from being on playgrounds should be applied to  the same way the virtual world works.

The  ruling came in part from a 2008 conviction against Lester Packingham Jr,  who, had famously argued that he beat a  traffic conviction that later led to, ehum,  the charges in question. Meanwhile, advocates are hailing the ruling in part because some are accidentally labeled a sex offender.    In other news,  this is all the more reason to continue to police your child’s social media presence.

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