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Trump owes $315m to various lenders and banks


Looks like Donald Trump owes more bills to the world than he’d actually like to let people know of.  According to a financial disclosure document from The White House picked up by The Daily News, Donald Trump owes a whopping $315m to various banks and major financial organizations across the world. (yes, the world).

The document disclosed that Trump borrowed millions  from a bank in Germany. Per the document,  Trump further disclosed at least $594m worth of income.  Interestingly, the President reported income from at least 566 roles as CEO;  Leader, or in some form of top role across hundreds of different forms of income.

Even more interesting,  Trump ‘s initial net worth on the document is listed as $1.4billion (although it is believed to be significantly higher).    Unfortunately for Trump, this piece of information you’re about to read, could cause problems.

Trump ‘s new D.C hotel blocks from the White House reportedly earned upwards of $20m, leading, to much speculation that Trump has secretly been profiting from the massive new hotel in the Capital.

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