Last year,  Philando Castile  was gruesomely gunned down by an overzealous police officer using the generic excuse to kill an unarmed African American male.  Castile, had no record; and no positive match to the active robbery suspect was ever made, yet, he was still gruesomely murdered at a traffic stop.

Jeronimo Yanez, the officer in question, was cleared on all charges.  Initially, the jury was deadlocked on the verdict  due to the fact that so many witnesses had testified.  Yanez maintained throughout the trial that Castile was “violent and matched the description of a robbery suspect that was wanted at that time” although such a confirmation and claim was never actually confirmed by anybody.

Yanez, by all accounts, has gotten away with murder.   The photo you’re about to see, perhaps, let this sit as a reminder as to why you must be careful out there. This innocent man died in cold blood in front of his girlfriend and his child.

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