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Amazon to buy Whole Foods for $13.7billion

In a bid to make it a Jeff Bezo ‘s approved world, Jeff Bezo, has apparently purchased the likes of Whole Foods Market(s) across the country.  In a deal announced Friday, the e-commerce boss confirmed that for $42 a share plus a 27% premium, the stores now belong to Amazon.

According to reports,   the sale will apparently close later this month as Amazon moves to crush Wal-Mart in its longstanding war with the supermarket giant.   Amazon hopes to  use its acquisition of Whole Foods  as a tool to expand its own version(s) of supermarket glory including its push with Amazon Fresh.

Meanwhile,  Amazon ‘s own shares reportedly rose as much 3.3%  during the announcement while folks over at Target; Safeway, and the likes of Wal-Mart struggled to see their shares rise amid the news.

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