Obstruction of Justice proceedings begin against Donald Trump: Report

According to a new headline  out in The Washington Post, officials and top Senate members have launched Obstruction  of Justice proceedings against the President of the United States. WaPo notes that the investigation comes in the middle of Robert Mueller, rumored, to now  be under consideration to be fired.

Amid the news, Mueller, reportedly told officials that there is now high belief that Trump attempted to obstruct justice.  What that evidence is? Even the Washington Post hasn’t quite figured it out  yet.  According to the Post,  Daniel Coats, the current director of national intelligence, Adm. Mike Rogers, head of the National Security Agency, and Rogers’ former deputy, Richard Ledgett have all agreed to be interviewed in the obstruction of justice case against the President.

So what happens now? According to legal experts in D.C,   the case will be reviewed and investigated to great depth.  At the point of any criminal discovery, Congress will then be required to review the case and determine if impeachment proceedings are indeed necessary.

Sources close to  Mueller himself say that “the evidence here is strong and will be presented when the time is right”.

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