Friend: DeMario Jackson told me “he did it, and she liked it, nobody rejects me”

  • The content below may contain serious verbal elements in which may trigger unwanted or extremely  unwarranted  connections to sexual assault and rape. The Daily News has chosen to publish this story as we have verified the contents provided by our source. We are working to validate one particular piece of information:  the contents of the phone call that occurred the morning after. 

Last night,  sources from inside the production team came forth to The Daily News from Mexico.    We were not only to confirm details  at the fact production had been ceased only after a number of reports finally surfaced internally, but now, that DeMario Jackson allegedly “planned” out what would be a sexual advance on Corrine outside of network proximity.

Sources paint an interesting pre-bar-pool area moment for DeMario Jackson. Jackson initially claimed that he had not been drinking before the pool area, but, we’re told that Jackson “had already planned to approach Corrine in a manner that wasn’t ready for cameras”.

But, this is where the situation gets a little grim.   Sources say that two of the cameramen that  also in the hotel were “also very encouraging of DeMario in his sexual conquest to approach Corrine that way.  The disgusting and cheesy behavior by the two cameramen only proves a point:  he knew what he was doing.”

The two sources close to the production team members, say, that Jackson “had always been sort of this cocky sexually charged guy on set. He previously had made it no secret that he was after Corrine, only, him finally making a move backfired greatly”.

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Corrine Olympios rejected the moves having per sources, cited, that she “was not with it outside of a professional environment”  one source summed up her responses as.   Sources indicate that Corrine had very little interest in actually hooking up with Jackson in that way, and, her story has remained consistent since news of the attack first emerged.

Shockingly,  a close friend of Jackson has also come forth via our private channel of reported phone chats that occurred the day after the attack.  Jackson allegedly told his friend in at least two separate phone calls “That she liked it.  I fingered  that B****  in the pool.  You don’t reject me”.

The set, when contacted by The Daily News, claimed to not know what we’re talking about and hung up the phone.  The Warner Bros set where filming was taking place, actually, is currently refusing our attempts to gather comments from the studio lot in wake of the repeated leaks to this newspaper.


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