Report: Chief of Staff Priebus given do-or-die deadline

WASHINGTON —  Multiple reports out Monday indicated that  top White House chief of Staff  Priebus had been given a “do or die style” deadline of July 4th to implement a sweeping change of staff or “risk” being ousted himself.  The report originated in Politico, and, has since been denied by The White House and its Press Secretary itself.

Although this is where it gets interesting.  Two Trump staffers who previously leaked information to The Daily News confirmed Politico ‘s report noting that “Their report is accurate to the fullest extent. Trump feels that a shake-up is important at this point to elevate any credibility he may have left. He realizes that he is damaged at this point, but, not entirely a lost cause”.

The original report claimed that a White House meeting between the President; Priebus,  Lewandowski, and numerous others took place.  In that meeting, the group reportedly overheard President Trump telling them that they “had until 4 July to implement the staff change” or he would do it himself.   Interestingly,   Trump “wants fresh blood in the mix” rather than people from old sorrows “jumping back into the game again”.

The issue presented is whether or not Trump will actually follow through with the shake-up request on his own. Although Politico managed to discover news of the Oval Office meeting, they, subsequently cast much doubt as to whether or not it’ll actually materialize into much of anything. Our sources say “that could by most accounts be in part due to the internal power struggle that has been going on for some time”.

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The White House ‘s Press Secretary Sean Spice labeled the report(s) “lies” that whoever was speaking to the outlets in question is nothing more than a “liar”.  Interestingly, Spicer didn’t directly deny the reports or the claim of the meeting itself.

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