Exclusive: The letter we got from Ghetto Nerd a month before his death

Last year,  we were among the first to publish news of Ghetto Nerd ‘s death. Ghetto Nerd, was, a prominent adult film actor who not only enjoyed his work but later felt that it may have been a mistake to enter the adult film industry.  Nerd,  whose age had never been confirmed,  died of pneumonia  / HIV complications in the midst of our investigation with him.

It first began in the Spring of 2015.   We were contacted by an anonymous individual who claimed to have information on a major porn company.  That company would later come to be Black Rayne Productions.   That information would later lead to the reversal of four contracts with underage minors;  two unfortunate deaths during the investigation,  and the publication of the first known photograph of Que Santiago.

Exactly one month before his death last year, we, received what would be the final piece of communications from Nerd before his death.

What you’re about to read is considered sensitive and graphic information that may not be suitable for everybody. We are choosing to share this letter because we are working with authorities in this investigation. 

Dear The Daily News,

I missed our usual meeting spot.  my bad.  I am still on the fence about any possible return to adult film, because, I feel like the beginning of my career was a sham. It was fake. It was carefully orchestrated for the gain of others rather than myself.  Don’t get me wrong, porn was fun, but it didn’t quite go down as promised like it would.

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These letters have been both a form of therapy and sense of worth. You guys and your help have helped me tremendously in becoming a better person.  I just wish i had made better decisions rather than this one.  This letter is a little different than the last bruh, I, want to tell you guys something.

I am living HIV positive.  I’ve known for a while that I have it, and,   honestly feel like my days are numbered. I’ve been sick off and on for the longest time. I found out that I had it about two years ago, something, that I had gotten from a producer only because he “slipped it off” during intercourse without telling me.    I’m begging you to please continue what you’re doing and giving a voice to the powerless.   Those that have been sucked in by  Black Rayne promised security and stability only to end up being positive; almost homeless, and more often than not: dead.

Your Friend,

J’Markus  “Ghetto Nerd”

J’Markus Walker died exactly 30 days from the day we received this letter.  Since then we have intercepted more than 44 children from child exploitation;  saved the lives of 17 young male adults from going into porn, and provided more than  $25,000 in financial assistance to gay men across the city of Atlanta.

Do you have a story about Black Rayne?  Have you been tricked into gay porn?  We’re here to help.  We’re armed with community centers;  plenty of financial assistance,  and crisis management teams to help those without a voice.  E-mail: sk@bazaardaily.co.uk


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