Latest NSA leaker had high security clearance

There’s a newly formed interesting piece out on the NSA leaker now known as Reality Winner. According to numerous sources we’ve combed over over the past 48 hours, Reality Winner,  was an “active member of the military who maintained very high level access”.

High security clearance is lawfully required for people to listen in on terrorists and even foreign heads of government.   The news has the intelligence community up in arms, as, most are beginning to feel that young people having high clearance has become a problem.


Reality Winner reportedly got her clearance while in the military and had been legally authorized to see some of the most classified secrets in state history in the U.S.   Reports indicate that she isn’t alone though, that, there are actually thousands of young people (some of them even work here) that have access to similar documents like those leaked by RW.

Meanwhile, her mother denies  that her daughter is a “bad person, but just a person who is passionate about her views”.

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