America shouldn’t of leaked the Manchester bomber’s name


But like our own media,  America, has an issue of its own. Particularly, not caring that their media causes more harm than good.   This week saw the destruction of the Manchester Arena, particularly, during a sold out Ariana Grande concert.

The problem presented in this terrorist attack, perhaps, sits in the hands of America. According to the government, American officials posed as “sources”   to leak the name of the bomber to the media allowing it to be delivered to the world within seconds.  U.K officials tried strategically hard to “conceal” the identity of the bomber, at least, until they had a better intelligence profile on the suicide killer.

But here’s where that gets interesting. While we have complied with the police’s order not to publish his name here, we,  will determine this. We in the U.K have long been aware of the bomber, as, intelligence officials confirmed  Thursday that  they’ve had the bomber on their watch lists for some time.

Yes, some time.   So when will we, as a nation, stand up to the very people we have within our walls and ask if it is enough to want to live in a safe place?

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