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People are outraged over Donald Trump ‘s Saudi Arabian antics

Which include “accepting a meaningless award from the enemy” according to one politician and ally who strongly supported Donald Trump up until this point.  According to The Daily Mail,  Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to Donald Trump “feels sick to his stomach” that the President would do such a thing.

For those that are curious as to why these remarks were made, America, alleges in a 28 page document (we published part of it last year) that the Saudi ‘s were the ones behind the 9/11 attacks.   Social media, er, had a similar eery response to the move.

Saudi ‘s King apparently  awarded Trump the nation’s highest honor, a feat, that has some crying hypocrite over the fact that Donald Trump has repeatedly denounced Saudi as an “enemy of the state”.

Meanwhile, Trump, has signed a new deal with Saudi Arabia worth an estimated $50billion to pretty much hand them the same weaponry they used to attack America to begin with.

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