At LAX? There’s a whole different airport available for you

If you’re part of the rich and famous gang.  According to airport officials, a “Private Suite”  has now opened in the airport which has remained prime hunting grounds for TMZ and celeb hungry selfie queens.  The Private Suite comes at a hefty price of $7,500  annual plus about $2,500 more per flight.

Here’s what you’ll get: an eight-person team to handle your luggage and your whims; 13 suites with full-service bars, WiFi, daybeds, snacks, kids’ toys, prayer mats, and Korans; one-on-one TSA screening; and a ride in a silver BMW from the terminal to the (although you’ll still be riding on the same old plane as everybody else once you come out of the unusually silly cloak of narcissism you hid under in the airport…).

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