Transgender girlfriend killer first ever to be federally charged

There’s records one wants to set, but, this probably isn’t one of them.  According to federal indictment documents obtained by The Daily News, a Mississippi man is now the first ever person to be federally charged with a hate crime.

Joshua Vallum, 29, knowingly slaughtered and brutally beat Mercedes Williamson to death at one point. The case gripped the United States and eventually became the first case to be federally seen under the Hate Crimes Prevention Act.  Vallum, 29, apparently was a member of  a “gang”  and didn’t want his gang members to discover he was gay and sleeping with a transitioning man.

Documents show that after the gang suspected he was gay, which  “is punishable by death” in that gang, he decided that instead he’d take Mercedes life out of “fear that he would be discovered’.  The couple actually broke up in 2014, so, her killing made little to no sense so much time later.

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