Kara McCullough ‘s healthcare response is asinine at least

The new Miss USA was officially crowned last night, but, it’s not exactly her new crown that’s catching attention.  McCullough, a scientist of sorts in her own right for the government, was questioned about her own thoughts on healthcare. Specifically, whether or not it is a right or a privilege for people.

Her response, uh,  has people talking. McCullough responded to the question in a pretty shocking manner. “I definitely see it is a privilege” she reportedly responded to the question.  Now here’s where that answer has caught flack.

With the passing of the American Healthcare Act ‘s first major hurdle earlier this month, many, took that as a problem.   Several key issues remain unanswered with that bill, particularly,  previous conditions and how that may change under the new law.  McCullough ‘s answer perhaps, uh, drew criticism for that matter.

We’d have to validate the criticism at least in a certain perspective, given,   that we can’t account people’s healthcare or right to healthcare (especially when speaking on pre-existing conditions) as a privilege rather than a right.   McCullough herself has a very successful job, and,  is afforded healthcare herself through her government connections and employment history.

Average Americans are not.   Share your thoughts with us below. Do you think healthcare is a privilege or a right?

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