Carter Page helped Paul Manafort pay me to help him hide his Russian ties

This is Part 2 of my guest column for The Daily News on Paul Manafort and how he paid me large sums of money to help him and the Trump campaign hide their ties to Russia and the Ukraine.  Earlier this week, I acknowledged that I accepted more than $50,000 in payments from Manafort ‘s consulting firm (that was raided this week by the FBI).

The payments in discussion last year occurred all the way up until nearly the end of the summer. It came to my attention that a particular blogger has revealed a number of details about Carter Page, specifically, during the same and final month he was in Moscow during the time I was paid.

That July, I, met Carter Page the Manafort associate in Moscow as previously disclosed.  The two had a clear and distinct mission — they were out to hide the Trump ‘s campaign ties to Russia (and Manafort’s own ties) both personal; business, and financial.  They wanted the slate wiped clean for what would come, that being, Trump ‘s full-scale assault on Hillary Clinton using her e-mail servers that he would later have the help in hacking at the hands of Russia ‘s intelligence agency.

Early this morning I was made aware that numerous details laid out in my previous guest column were also laid out in a column and previous columns by Louise Mensch.  Mensch revealed details of Page ‘s visit to Moscow last July, a time, that I also met Page in Moscow with the Manafort associate responsible for paying me to hide their ties to Russia.

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In fact,  Mensch ‘s claim that Page was indeed in Russia that month is 100% true.    What I didn’t disclose in my last article, was, indeed that there was inside of the envelope that bore payment for my “hacking” services a tape.  A tape that I’ve now learned that I had the chance to intercept during acceptance of the payment, but, made no move to do such.

At the time, I, knew of the existence of the tape. But on such, I, was not  made aware that the tape carried Donald Trump ‘s voice stating that if he were elected he would willingly change American policy to benefit  Putin in exchange for Putin helping him get elected.

I remember during the conversation that the words ‘Off the record’ continuously came up.  They expected all means of communication to be dark;  off the circuits,  it was as if I had stepped into a whole new realm of the unknown led by what would become the dark powers  soon to be in control of America.

What I never disclosed to the Trump campaign, was, that I knew where the payments given to me had actually came from (see previous article, that, stated I returned all the funds paid to me by the American government).    I returned the money to a bank called The Alfa Bank, a bank, would later come to be named in search warrants; FBI documents (used in the raids in New York),  and an (“alleged”) sealed indictment as reported by Mrs. Mensch.

I’ve decided to release all of this information to this newspaper, because,  they are one of the few that are willing to publish state secrets in the United States despite fears of arrests or retaliation from the government.

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There are troves of more information  preparing to be published as I continue to be vetted by editors of this newspaper.


Ukrainian born hacker “MonteCarlito”.


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