Report: These four people are being interviewed for role as FBI director

Interviews for the role of FBI director are happening, and they’re happening fast (reports say that Trump wants a new director in before anything Russia related happens).   According to reports,  four interviews are taking place today at the Justice Department.

Among them

White collar attorney Alice Fisher who ran the criminal division of the Justice Department during the George W. Bush era.   She would be the first woman to ever head the FBI.

Sen John Cornyn

The senate majority whip, and No. 2 Republican is in a top spot of his own.  Nobody’s quite sure if he’d give up his position to take on the FBI.

Michelle Garcia

Alike  Fisher, she would become the first woman to head the FBI.  She’s a Manhattan  US attorney and has been since 2005.  She headed the immigration and customs enforcement department under George W. Bush.

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