Paul Manafort paid me to help him hide his ties to Russia: Exclusive

This is a guest column for The Daily News penned by “Daniel” a former government employee in  the continued coverage of Trump ‘s downfall in The Daily News. This editorial is the first by “Daniel” identifying him as one of three moles that helped Paul Manafort hide his financial and personal ties to Russia and parts of the Ukraine.

I’ve chosen to identify myself only as “Daniel” because less than 24 hours ago, the FBI, raided a consulting firm with strong ties to Manafort. I have been offered a form of immunity by this newspaper to tell my story,  essentially, in exchange  for my identity to be kept secret.

About a week after I was first contacted by  Manafort and Associates, I, had learned that his daughters expressed interests to know who I was on Facebook.  I had received four messages indicating that  mobile numbers tracing back to me had been discovered, and, that I was part of the “blood money” Manafort kept within his ties to Russia.  I  refused to acknowledge that I was the one that helped Manafort hide his ties the Ukraine, even though, it would later emerge as part of the reason that Manafort was fired by The Trump campaign subsequent to his own resignation.

I was first contacted by the very same consulting firm and Paul Manafort himself about 3 years ago.   It was 24 May 2014 when Manafort first made contact with me as a professional hacker, and, someone who could essentially erase a trail of just about anything.

This  was where my services were needed by Manafort.  I first learned that Trump intended to run for President about three years ago, someone, 5,000 miles away in the midst of Europe.  I was never aware of whether or not at the time if such had actually been announced to the Americans.

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I am a Ukrainian born man who was paid to help Manafort commit treasonous acts on behalf of the newly formed Trump government.  The first communications arranged payment for my services, which, didn’t come cheap.  Manafort and his associates paid upwards of $10,000 for the first “cloak” of secrecy that would soon surround much of his business activities. Although, there  were intentionally loop holes left that would later unravel if something went south.

And it went south fast.   Manafort’s ties to the Ukraine and Russia would surface years later in the beginning of Trump ‘s campaign and his election. I was tasked with:

  • Creating dummy shipping addresses in Europe for Manafort and Associates.
  • Manning an offershore route to tax havens that would eventually house much of Manafort’s fortune.
  • Cloaking his computers and digital trail with  software that would it take someone 10 years to unmask where an e-mail actually came from.

It is because of me that Manafort was able to hide his ties to Russia and the Ukraine for so long.  My actions were reprehensible and in more ways than one, virtually, illegal in the United States.   When I was first contacted by Manafort and Associates, I, had no idea at first that he was a government employee.

I had been asked to meet a Manafort associate in  downtown Moscow.   Manafort himself would soon visit the city two days later, but, I would not meet him myself until much later. It was scary; he was wearing a dark blue suit, very cold, and very swift with his demands for my service.

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He had an agenda.

I had only learned that I had helped the American government commit treason in January, after, it was confirmed that Manafort had been let go of the campaign and that his associates were rounded up across the world.

I have since returned the funds given to me by Manafort to the bank in question.   I have been sworn to immunity if I provide the FBI information on what I know and how I did it.

This is my apology to the American people, an apology, for essentially helping elect a treasonous government aiming to push their agenda on people who have no idea what’s really happening.

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