Donald Trump: I should cancel all WH press briefings

Essentially ending any public connection that the general American public has to the White House. According to Donald Trump,  following a few struggles from his team to cope with the fallout of firing James Comey — the best answer to their problems is to cancel briefings all together.

The revelation came apparently on Trump ‘s favorite avenue (Twitter) where he once again claimed that the “fake news” was making a big deal out of the firing of James Comey, although, it was Trump who has contradicted his own statements and his team on the matter at least three times as of this writing.

On Twitter, er,  Trump also dove deep into the Comey controversy. Tweeting this afternoon Trump claimed that “Comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations” after it was claimed that Trump had secretly tried to get Comey to pledge his personal loyalty to the President.

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