Here’s how to take control of your credit

In an America where it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a credit history, whether its due to a thin file or refusal to report good payment history to the bureaus,   there’s no denying that it almost seems impossible to get or catch a break in a credit driven world.

There’s where (PRBC.COM) comes in. Pay Rent Build Credit is a lesser known credit reporting bureau that manages credit reports; provides scores, and  has one substantial different from others.   You assume the responsibility for taking control of your payments, and, making sure on time payments are verified and delivered to PRBC to show your payment history.

I recently decided to join PRBC (it’s free, by the way)  to see what it was about. About a month ago, I joined Verizon Wireless thinking that it would help my credit gauge in the states. But, come to find out, Verizon actually refuses to provide any sort of anything regarding your payment history to the credit police. Nada, zilch, none.

I was bummed. As a college student and 22 years old, I, need to be able to show the credit bureaus that I have gladly and willingly paid my bills on time and did so responsibly. One big thing I like about PRBC, is, that I am in full control and they take care of verifying with  the businesses that I do business with — that I’ve paid each of my bills on time.

Here’s how it works.

  • Have an account number ready for a bill (in my case, one of them was Verizon).
  • Link your online account to the credit bureau.
  • PRBC then begins verifying each month that your bill is paid, and on time.
  • In  the meantime, your credit score and credit report will reflect that your bill has been paid on time.
  • Each month,  PRBC reviews credit scores;  shows you businesses and credit based products (including loans) that you can get based on your new credit score.
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I’ve actually heard of people use this credit bureau over the other three and gain traction in real life.  One woman in  Fort Lauderdale, who preferred to remain anonymous, actually used her PRBC credit report to apply for an apartment. By showing the management company her payment history and good standing with her bill companies, she,  was in her new digs in no time.

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