#MacronGate – Le Pen Aide: Marine notified of e-mail hack before it happened

Less than a mere 24 hours before France’s pending presidential elections,  an e-mail hack has happened. Eerily similar to what eventually became the fall of Hillary Clinton, Emmanuel Macron, has now found himself  in the crosshairs of a presidential-election crisis.

Earlier, we reported that a discovery has been made about the potential identity of the hacker who uploaded the presidential e-mails to Pastebin.com and the  Internet Archives. That hacker has been identified as GMX.com user Frankmacher1.   The upload happened exactly an hour and a half before France went black  (meaning, its now a day of silence in the political arena).

A top aide to Marine Le Pen has now come forth with a claim of their own that we have been unable to fully confirm as of this time, although, it contains extreme elements of consistency to it.

“Our campaign was notified of the hack before it happened, because, Marine notified everybody that there was a “damning new twist” in the election that would certainly change the current climate and landscape of the presidential elections.   Without going into much direct detail, she, mentioned that there was going to be information leaked to the public”. 

When pressed about anything further that was disclosed to the aide, the aide, did disclose that  they had been “aware that Le Pen was in possession of knowledge about a leak of information. She definitely knew this was going to happen, because, she was all too prepared when it finally did.  Her prior announcement of a “leak” and her less-than-shocked attitude when it did, she knew”.

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