We’re defying orders from the French government to go radio silent #MacronGate

Hours after we published damning evidence that the Macron e-mail hacks were an inside job, the French government, has now issued mass orders to newspapers with close ties to Europe to cease publication of all related info to the Macron e-mails. 

We are declaring here that we are violating this order in respect to the citizens of France, whom, we hold near and dear to our hearts as we are loyal toe the French as we are most Europeans.

At approximately 4:30 am EST, we, received  phone calls that we have now discovered to be from inside the French government.  Government officials who refused to identify themselves demanded that we stop publishing the information as to the identity of the hacker behind the Macron e-mails.

I was able to determine that the caller was indeed a man.  Although a positive identification couldn’t be made.  I made it very clear that this newspaper intends to publish all of Macron’s e-mails, despite, the order not to. Furthermore  that we will continue to pursue the hacker, as, we are the only European publication capable of doing so at this time.

“You are treading in treasonous territory. You are to stop publishing the information on Macron ‘s emails and the information you have shared on the hacker involved” the caller stated (translated from French).

Initially,  we were prepared to turn information on the hacker over to the government. We are now not going to do so as it  is almost 100% certain that we have uncovered an attack on Emmanuel Macron from inside of the French government. 

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