Queen Elizabeth ‘s Five Favourite Beauty Brands

She’s the world’s longest reigning monarch, so, its no surprise that people are fascinated by her choice of beauty brands.

According to what we’ve learned, this Clarin ‘s extra moisturizer is a big ticket item at the royal household.     This probably would explain why the Queen ‘s skin often looks radiant for her age.

View the upmarket item here.



Yardley Soaps

We can personally  stand by this one.  We also use Yardley soaps for various reasons and cleansing purposes.   They not only leave us feeling  refreshed and ready, they’ve also become quite the staple at the Palace and Windsor Castle.   (i.e the brand’s office is right next door to  Windsor Castle).

View the upmarket soaps here.



Elizabeth Arden

Ever wonder where  The Queen gets her signature colour from?  You found it. Elizabeth Arden and its iconic red shades and bright popping pinks have been a staple for the Queen since 1962. Under Royal Warrants (for businesses that provide services or products to the Queen or Palace)  Elizabeth Arden has maintained  their warrant for more than 40 years.

Check out some of Elizabeth Arden ‘s most beloved shades, here.

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