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Meet the reclusive heiress to the In-N-Out Fortune

The first In-N-Out was created and opened in 1946, more than 70 years later,  the only grandchild to Guy Snyder and his wife  has inherited all of the company’s shares essentially making her one of the wealthiest women on earth.

Enter: Lynsi Snyder.  Snyder, turned 35 Friday, which marked the end of the trust placed in her name by her grandfather who died before anything took  flight in terms of her inheritance. In 1999,  while her father was President, he died of a prescription drug overdose.  The tragic event sent Snyder into a downward spiral.

For years,  she suffered from substance and alcohol abuse until she sought treatment.  Four marriages; turmoil, and family hardships later she took over the president 7 years after her father’s death.

Since taking on her new role at  In-N-Out Burger, Snyder, has expanded the popular burger chain from just four states to more than six.

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