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Fyre Festival organizers sued for $100m

Looks like those silly rich kids learned the hard way about believing what they’re offered from the internet.  According to lawsuit documents obtained by the Daily News, one of the tragic survivors from the fiasco has apparently filed a $100m  civil suit against McFarland and Ja Rule.

Yes, Ja Rule.    Both persons have now apparently been accused of theft;  criminal neglect of duty, misappropriation of advertising,  false advertising, among numerous other charges. The issue?  The likes of the riches can afford the best of the best as far as attorneys, so, Ja-Rule has an issue on his hand here.

Mark Geragos, famed attorney, has reportedly  been the one behind the suit on behalf of attendees specifically Mr. Long.  Long, wants an estimated $5m for the fraud and wrongdoing alone not including the other charges.

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