13 Reasons Why is a show all parents must watch with their children

13 Reasons Why is the hottest show on earth right now, but, strangely it has nothing to do with nudity or Kim Kardashian-West. It has everything to do with the central struggles teenagers face in their every day lives, and, it has people buzzing.  It centers around a young woman who struggled with self-identity and people talking about her in school, eventually falling for a boy, who then went sour: it ended with her “13 reasons why” she decided to end her life.

The popular Netflix show has  created so much buzz, that, New Zealand officials have created a whole new rating category for the show: RP18 (meaning its recommended that parents actually watch it with their children, instead of them doing it alone).  We’re here to say, please watch it with your children and teenagers. 

Suicide is a big problem among young people around the world.  More often than not, alike the show, parents are often clueless and left wondering when a child shows signs of struggling and eventually takes their life.    Parents must understand the daily struggles that kids go through at school and with other kids, so much so, that  conversations must be had about the most taboo subject buzzing around circles right now: teenage suicide.

Netflix has now added more precaution cards to the series amid outcry over the series about alleged glamorization of suicide.  We’re here to tell you, that’s not the case.  This  series explores very REAL problems that we, as young people, face every day in our lives.  Going to school, and even in college, is one of the most difficult things we face — because not everybody is capable of being nice.

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Suicide is a real discussion. And it is never the answer.  Have the talk with your children;  let them know the door is open for conversation.  DO YOUR PART.

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