Aaron Hernandez’s state stands at $0.00 net worth, family to sell mansion

Aaron Hernandez’s estate is allegedly broke at least according to lawyers for his estate. According to lawyers for Hernandez’s estate,   Hernandez’s fiancee  Shayanna Jenkins has reportedly receivved a $1.2m offer for their 15-bedroom mini mansion in Massachusetts whereas she won’t ever see a dime if she accepts the offer.

The Daily News has confirmed that the family of Odin Lloyd is preparing to come after Jenkins and any money she has in a “wrongful death” lawsuit that has already reportedly been filed.  The news comes as lawyers have claimed that following the release of controversial letters written in Hernandez’s last words, his estate, is officially broke.

A big fight is now underway as lawyers are hoping to have the remaining convictions tossed entirely, under, a little known law in the state.  Under state law, a person can have their record entirely exonerated if they die before their case is actually heard before the court. Meanwhile,  all three families for three of the victims  are gearing up for nasty legal battles  within  Hernandez’s estate.


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