This is why you shouldn’t listen to stars promoting health drinks

Just take a page from Demi Lovato, who, uh, is probably regretting this post on Instagram right about now.  On Wednesday, the singer took to social media to promote a new tea that uh is actually  the same as if you drank a bottle of prune juice pretty much.     Lovato, who is often and annoyingly on a “look at me binge” with her ever-so-many social media posts about her body, uh, finally found out the hard way about hypocrisy.

The tea,  uh yeah Teami tea at that, has a bunch of antioxidants and  ingredients that actually can harm your colon. The lining of your colon is an important function of how your bowels work  — so long term use of this tea could have some pretty strong issues. Health officials have long warned against detox teas like this one because of how it can seriously harm the lining of your colon, and, cause digestive issues.

We’re safely going to say that Demi probably knew nothing of the sorts before agreeing to promote the tea.

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