Exclusive: Julie Schmidt threatened to kill me if I didn’t comply with her demands

As one of the world’s most popular website publishers, I, knew that we had the power and the influence to stage my death accordingly.  But, for good reason.    My death was carefully staged and orchestrated on August 8th 2009, the same day, that we celebrate our annual anniversary as a news organization.

In the days leading up to my staged-death, I, received multiple e-mails from a woman that would later be identified as Julie Schmidt.  In those e-mails, it became very clear, that we as an organization had become targeted because of one individual we had behind much of our success: SHK.

By the time those e-mails had arrived, Julie, had already harassed The Daily News for several years.   Threatening e-mails; phone messages, stalking,  unwanted text messages, it had all been done.  In the first of four e-mails, Julie, said this.

If you don’t turn over my son to me I will make sure I tear you limb by limb for everything you’ve done and helping his adopted mother kidnap him from me.  You are no better than any of them hiding behind a business, I, will destroy you if you don’t turn over my son.  You best believe that everything will come down in federal court if you do not proceed to tell me where my son is.

SHK was and is still unaware  these e-mails were ever received.

It continued.

You have no right being with my child.   He is disturbed, as are you, what kind of sick man wants to be with a child.  I will have you arrested for child exploitation and discrimination against me from your news organization.   You deserve everything that’s coming to you. You’ve got 72 hours.

By this time, I, was already in Beverly Hills with my family on vacation.  Swiftly, My mother Diana, was informed of the e-mails, and that is where staging my death had become a reality.   We had to much to lose, a massive newspaper; successful consulting business, and so much more. But, the most important thing existed: SHK.

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SHK was and still is our most valuable asset because of how quickly he became famous.    For that reason, we took it to unheard of levels to protect our assets and the things that mattered most.  At that point, it, had been decided that I would die before the world’s eyes in a horrific accident only heard of in bizarre Lifetime movie plot lines written by some overpaid hack with no real creative talent.

The second e-mail, not even the next morning,  arrived on my mother’s i-Pad after she took control of the e-mail account.

It read.

I will end everything you’ve ever loved. Have I made myself clear?    This is  your one and only chance to do what is right and turn my child over to me.  You nor he has no right to be doing what you’ve done.   You and your band of misfits refuse to acknowledge that I am his mother, and, I, have the say-so in what happens to him.   It’s that reason that I will make sure you never walk this earth again as anything, let alone, someone who isn’t in prison for financial crimes.

It was this e-mail that triggered my mother to stage the e-mail that would be delivered to SHK.  On the evening of August 8th  2009,  SHK, received the following e-mail from my mother.

It was and still is one of the darkest moments of my life. I was forced to give up the one person I was intent on marrying; having children with, and chasing our dreams wherever the world may have taken us.  It was the first and only time my world had ever come crashing down.   By all means, my  world had just shattered. 

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We now have one child, but we, are no longer together.

“Taylor is dead. I’m so sorry, he’s dead.  We are on vacation in California with our family, he was attacked on his way home from a gas station with his little brother.   Police think that he was attacked because of what he is [gay]. “.

Within hours,  video broadcasts in this very newspaper appeared online.  It was the first time I had ever seen SHK cry, and, he did such for the whole world to watch.  I will never forgive myself for making him cry the way he did,  reading that e-mail for the world to hear, that (“his best friend and my first love”) is gone.

Witnessing the reading of this e-mail absolutely broke my heart.  Alas, it was what triggered me to chase Julie across the United States tracking her movements over the past five years.  I have been able to discover that I’m not the only one she has threatened to harm; harass, stalk,  and the many other crimes she has committed over the years.

Julie is now back to her normal way of life sending yet more threatening e-mails to, SHK, this time.  E-mails surfaced in our company i-Cloud address from Schmidt earlier this month.

You are a clone of [name redacted].   You have 48 hours to acknowledge me, and remove anything negative from the internet.  You have galavanted around the world for years sleeping with men for a place to live and money in your pocket, and, this is where it stops. If [name redacted] won’t step in, I will. You will learn what a real mother is.

The unusual fete is, perhaps, that we have safeguarded SHK ‘s real name for several years.  His real name has never been published anywhere, and, despite her many threats — Julie Schmidt has never been able to correctly identify SHK.

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As of 4/23/2017, we have filed appropriate police reports in a renewed push to have Julie Schmidt arrested and charged with harassment and vicious cyber stalking.

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