5 Questions with Screen Siren Scarlett Johansson

She brings the sexy; the mysterious, and according to new reports: Princess Leia.

Scarlett Johansson sits for an interview with The Daily News.

She’s one of the leading stars in Hollywood and the highest grossing actress of all-time with nearly $4billion at the box office.   But not long ago, Scarlett, became a mother for the first time which she says “changed her life for the better”.

The Daily News:  How did becoming a mom, perhaps, change Scarlett Johansson?

SJ: I think I’m allot more conscious of my decisions now than I was before I finally had a child.   Even at work, I,  often think of whether or not a decision would have a bad after-affect on my family. 

The Daily News: You’re in the new Isles of Dogs. Tell us about that.

SJ: Not to spoil the movie,  all I can say is: Go watch it. It’s such an interesting movie that was really unusual but fantastic to make.  I thought the script was great when I first heard it, and, I can’t wait for it to be seen in theatres. (We’ve already been invited by Fox to see the film).

The Daily News:  Is it true that you’re the next Leia?

SJ: I can’t comment on that, mostly, because I’m not sure.

The Daily News: What would you tell young girls who look up to you?

I’d tell them to kick ass! Don’t ever let someone tell you that you CAN’T.  Because you can! If acting or being in movies is something that a girl wants to do, she, should do it by all means.

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Check out Scarlett in Isles of Dogs opposite Tilda Swinton in theaters April 18′. 

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