Documents reveal what pervert teacher Tad Cummins really had in mind

Tad Cummins had one of many days in court Monday, and now, we’ve learned a bit more into the mentality of the notorious kidnapper.  According to court documents obtained by The Daily News, Cummins, wanted to flee to Mexico with Elizabeth Thomas.  Cummins,  had apparently planned to flee to Mexico after “6 weeks on the run and several hotels rooms across the country”.

In his “master scheme” he had apparently hoped to garner fake documents to prove that Elizabeth was “actually his 22 year old wife”.   In that particular part of the scheme, Cummins, had apparently hoped to at that point sneak across the border with the young girl.  What’s more?

Court docs show that Cummin ‘s had a master plan to impregnate the young girl and “indefinitely move to Mexico” because he was “vehemently obsessed with her from the moment he met her” according to the prosecuting documents.  Cummins, er, has subsequently agreed to be returned to Tennessee to be federally charged with abducting  Thomas.

(“Interestingly”)  in the documents it was also revealed that Cummin ‘s had apparently claimed to authorities that he had actually left his wife long before the abduction.

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