EXCLUSIVE: Salacious photos of Rasheeda ‘s son surface in connection to scandalous video

Earlier this month, we uploaded a video of Ky Frost engaging in explicit acts for an older man. And now,  photos that we’ve actually seen before have surfaced online.  The photos have surfaced once more from a Tumblr page in which we have now confirmed to be the source of much of the material given to blogs around the world.

The photos, which, we have confirmed were sent to the gentlemen who leaked them online by Ky Frost also received the same video we released earlier this month.    The photos youi are about to see are indeed Ky Frost, and, were a part of a “sexual slavery”  situation he engaged with with the older man. In laments terms, or popular culture, that’s a sugar daddy guys.

Sources have confirmed that the photos were taken shortly before Frost appeared and filmed his own sexual video for the older man. That man, we, have chosen not to identify because it has now surfaced that Ky Frost may not be 16 years old as Rasheeda is reportedly much older than she claims to be.

We have now confirmed that a BGCLive.com profile reportedly exists and are working with the website to confirm the authenticity of the profile.   It appears that a BGC profile dating back to at least three years ago list’s Ky Frost as “23′  and these very same photos have been found on the profile.

Rasheeda has not publicly commented on the situation.


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