We’ve intercepted Russian intelligence regarding Donald Trump

The Daily News has intercepted Russian intelligence documents regarding Donald Trump’s long history with the controversial country.  Dating back at least 30 years, Trump, has a long and cozy history with Vladamir Putin and the Kremlin.

You could call Donald, maybe, a Russian mole, of sorts. In fact, for the duration of this article, that’s exactly what we’ll call him.   The general election last year, was not, by far,  the only time Donald has ever been accused of having longstanding and cozy relations with Russia.  In the intelligence documents,  Donald Trump, is classified as “Operation Hotel”  a coy move at hiding a business deal that Trump brokered during the first month of his Presidency with his sons and the help of the Alterra Group.

The Alterra Group, perhaps, has strong ties to more than a dozen different countries and foreign governments. Of those governments, you guessed it, Vladamir Putin and the Kremlin.  The documents show that a secret backdoor deal was made in January of this year, that,  along with the help of the Alterra Group the latest Trump branded chain of hotels would soon be built.

The business deal now creates what has been deemed “The Scion Group” or in most cases “The Scion Hotel Chain”  which is now believed to be what will eventually become the “less expensive” version of The Trump Organization’s massive chain of hotels. The issue? You can bet, that as like these intelligence documents note,  there will be a Scion Hotel in Moscow and St. Petersburg Russia.

Two of the primary reasons that Trump has deeply embedded himself into the Kremlin and Russia, because, without the help of the Kremlin permits to have such hotels wouldn’t exist in Russia.  Documents show that permits , and the final permit for such chains in Russia,  were confirmed as of February this year.  Making the Scion Hotel Group an actual thing in Trump ‘s world.

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But, this was all happening around the time that, uh, Trump claimed he would step down from his billion-dollar empire.  In January, Trump, claimed that he would leave his two eldest son’s entirely in charge of his business while he was “to focus on the presidency”.  Although Russian intelligence documents obtained by The Daily News indicate that Donald Trump indeed has and was involved in the dealings that took place to make The Scion Group an actual thing.

News of the Scion Hotel Group first came last year, however,  final permits for such hotels in country’s like Russia didn’t come until earlier this year.  The news was first announced during Donald Trump ‘s campaign for U.S president, despite, his claims that he would “become President to Make America Great Again”.   Notes left in the intelligence documents indicate that high-ranking Russian officials were “concerned that Donald Trump ‘s presence in Russia would create or “spoil” plans in place by Vladamir Putin”.

The delivery of the intelligence documents came from Russian “moles” themselves who confirmed the authenticity of their identity and these documents after providing intelligence identification cards to Daily News reporters in  Berlin.  Two Daily News reporters met secretly with our Russian sources over the weekend in Berlin, where, we were provided these documents with a piece of paper that read “We’re very afraid for America”.

Two more sets of documents labeled “Ivanka Trump”  & “Jared Kushner” subsequently arrived in our Berlin offices whereas we are working to confirm their authenticity.   Donald’s documents have been authenticated and have been turned over to the appropriate authorities.

Deeper into the documents, it,  notes that Donald “has frequently traveled to, and, secretly met with Vladamir Putin in the years and even weeks leading up to his election. The well coordinated meetings were part of an ultimately-bigger plan to elect Trump.  The entire intention of electing Trump, was, essentially to further Russian interests in America and the Western World.”.

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One of the moles who provided these documents, when phoned following our encounter, made this remark to our senior staff.

Donald Trump has always been Pro-Russia, because,  he has business interests and financial advancements in the country. He has always known without the backing of the Kremlin and Putin, he, would not get very far with his business hopes in Russia.   Don’t think for a second that Donald didn’t play a part in these negotiations for The Scion Group during his campaign, effectively, an act of treason in the United States”.

Interestingly, we previously discovered last week during a routine check of our secured servers for “tips” that we were also handed  text-mess threads and conversations between Paul Manafort and what is believed to be Michael Flynn (Trump ‘s former security adviser).  In the text exchange, the two are seen discussing Russia and Putin in both rather favorably manners.

“We must continue to promote Russian values and ideologies so that conservatives in Trump ‘s base  get on base with our goal of electing Trump and furthering Russia’s interest in America” reads a text message from Manafort dated  a month before Trump was formally elected President.

This doesn’t come as a shock, mostly, because it was later revealed that both Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn are foreign agents working on American soil to better further the interests of foreign governments.   Meanwhile,  Manafort,  alike Flynn, remains under federal investigation.

This is part one of our Russian intelligence interception.  After we finish combing over the remaining documents, we, intend to publish the rest of the information in full.

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