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Flight attendant hits woman midflight, people on plane freak out

The airline industry just can’t seem to catch a break this week. According to several websites, an American Airlines flight attendant has apparently been suspended from duty following a video surfacing online of an assault. The man,  has not been positively identified by the Daily News. First seen in Jalopnik,  the video shows the flight attendant quickly growing angry with a female passenger who was trying to find room for her folding stroller.

The brouhaha apparently happened after the woman refused to hand over her stroller after she was told she’d have to “check it” because there was allegedly “no space”. The flight attendant is then seen in the video reaching for the stroller, and in the midst of such, intentionally strikes the woman barely missing her children.

Male passengers behind the woman quickly leaped up to her defense.   American Airlines in a statement to The Daily News cited that “We do not tolerate this kind of behavior, and, effective immediately the flight attendant in question has been suspended”.


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