Julie Schmidt ‘s unhinged e-mails arrive at The Daily News

While we have quietly been working with law enforcement on the matter, we, have now decided to release some of the latest e-mails that have come from Julie Schmidt. Earlier this month, we received a threatening e-mail aimed at our Editor in Chief threatening to “ruin his life” by all costs if she didn’t gain the acknowledgement she desperately desires.

The e-mail not only incorrectly identified SHK (his name isn’t Derick), it also wrongly identifies a woman that isn’t actually his mother.   We are choosing to share these e-mails to identify the strong ethical issues with these e-mails and the severe mental illnesses that sit within them.

We have since filed appropriate police reports and are seeking yet another restraining order against Julie Schmidt.

This latest e-mail comes after a previous discovery of an audio message left on our voicemail with similar sentiments about coming after SHK.

We are seeking full criminal prosecution against Julie Schmidt, and,  court ordered protections from Julie Schmidt and her many associates.


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